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                                          this excellent documentary psychiatry industry of death

A positive view of life is based on the belief that we are here to learn and grow.
We are fortunate when we are able to remain enthusiastic about searching for and cultivating a healthier lifestyle that includes awareness of the transcendental aspects of our being. The faith that sprouts from the depths of our heart  guides us in this direction and enables us to surrender to the reality that we each have a mission here on earth and to set goals that are in alignment with Universal Love.

The world is like a huge marketplace in which  everyone is running to get what others  have in spirit of competition. Personally, I feel that if one wishes to compete, it is better to endeavor to be more loving, more spiritual, more disciplined, humble, happy,  ecological and more healthy. Competing is worthwhile when we do it from this beautiful sensibility we have in our inner selves and when we become more compassionate for the underprivileged, the afflicted, and from everyone around us, embracing and caring for everyone as a manifestation and a representative of the Creator of all living beings and elements.

However, I remember when momentary pleasure and material goods were the only things that gave me happiness, however fleeting, luckily I can now bear witness to the existence  of a natural, permanent, spiritual happiness more profound than we have perceived. It Is a sublime gift. A human being achieves happiness when he is responsible in the face of transcendental joy and share it with others. When we act from selfish or inconsiderate intentions. we end up going after ephemeral, egotistical pleasures and negligent, superficial people who are insensitive to the suffering of others.

I am now able to appropriate the beauty and profundity of our existence thanks to the teaching about divine love from the universal masters of different mystical traditions.

Earlier in my life I was focused solely on the suffering and the disasters that affected humanity. I did not understand that the cause of all this misery was the abuse of our free will and the fact that we had forgotten our natural mysticism.

It is on the mystical level of life that we are one. We are all part of a big family within which we can learn from one another how to live together in harmony with nature and living beings.

I must pay my respects to the Angel of Faith who clearly showed me a better way;  the beauty of creative positive ,  constructive relationships with others. Thanks to this revelation, I have experience a great transformation which awakened in me  an intense need to share this happiness and to assume responsibility for doing something that actively promotes progress and human growth.

Newton's law says that every action has an equal and opposite  reaction. That obvious fact is a light which suggests we learn from our mistakes and avoid doing the wrong things which result in suffering and which block our natural growth. We have come to express the beauty of love and that is what makes us feel extremely luck to have been born. We seek this boon on the transcendental paths. There We can explore the world of faith and meat others who are also looking for a way to heal and malaise, keeping the desire to live in  an atmosphere of harmony and mutual respect.

It is my intention and inspiration that allow me to expound upon  OIDA therapy and share this way of healing, which will help us face the many problems that constantly besiege our society - existential emptiness, addictions, destructive relationships, violence and mismanagement of natural resources.


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