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OIDA Therapy

 The theoretical basis of OIDA Therapy is rooted in Perennial Psychology, which understands human beings from an integral and holistic perspective. Perennial Psychology is not anthropocentric with respect to man's position in the universe and in the higher dimensions, beyond the limits of time and space. Perennial Psychology reincorporates into our life and conscious awareness the value of life and our individual lives.

According to OIDA therapy the definition of the word "health" is....

 "Health is the unfolding of a person's spirituality as a result of a set of beliefs that allows him or her to achieve an optimal state of physical, mental,  emotional, and social well being".

Underlying principles of OIDA therapy

1. A healing faith has an overwhelming healing potential 2. truth, goodness, compassion and universal love are the fundamental supporting principles of life. 3.All forms of life are valuable and sentient 4. Suffering teaches us important lessons 5. One ought to respect freedom of faith when a person's faith does not harm others 6.One ought to be aware of the dangers of faith, fanaticism and sectarianism 7.Everyone ought to take 100% responsibility for his or her actions 8. A holistic vision gives us a more expensive view of life 9.  All the different messages from various mystical traditions have the same goal 10.One ought to seek bio psycho-socio spiritual health in all circumstances 11. It is healthy to cultivate wisdom since it dignifies one's existence 12. there are universal laws we should keep in mind always 13.We ought to have confidence in ourselves even with difficult things because we will succeed when we believe in ourselves 14.God is the only common denominator and